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Tiny Totem 32%
Small Totem 25%
Pile of Luminous Dust 20%
Large Claw 19%
Vial of Blood 17%
Orange -20%
Bone -19%
Destroyer Core -18%
Sharp Claw -17%
Powerful Potion of Sons of Svanir Slaying -13%
Buy price. Last 12h. Demand > 1000. Supply > 200.


Armored Scale 40%
Sharp Claw 33%
Vicious Fang 27%
Ancient Bone 26%
Engraved Totem 24%
Smooth Scale -73%
Full Venom Sac -40%
Raspberry Peach Compote -39%
Pile of Luminous Dust -38%
Mystic Coin -30%
Sell volume. Last 12h. Demand > 1000. Supply > 200.


289000 100
100 209525
$1 167620

New Items

Magma Dye
Incandescent Dye
Sunfire Lava Dye
Bloody Red Dye
Destroyer Orange Dye


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