Someone help me with the look of my thief (
- sword
New Champion train (multi location) (
- splendid chest,farm,bag of coins,chest,thimble of liquid karma,orange
How to unlock the new Grandmaster trait in the 4th trait line (FREE) (
- chest
What will warriors play now? (
- healing signet,nerf
TA FWD exploit fixed (
- exploit
Is this build viable? - Warrior (support oriented) (
- gear,healing signet,rage,greatsword
I spent nearly all my money on Unidentified dye and I think it was the worst GW2 choice I have made :) (
- unidentified dye
MF broken after update? Or is it just me? (
- axe,tooth of frostfang
Nerfs that shouldnt have happened. (
- nerf
GW2 Dragon Emblem Shirt (
- dragon emblem shirt
So We Are 80 What Now? - Ep.46 "Feature Pack Fun" (
- nerf
[Wardrobe] Every time I see someone with two Incinerators... (
- legendaries,incinerator
Thief Pve Lifesteal Build? (
- pistol,malice,sword
What's the most interesting new thing in GW2? (
- gear
Reverting to original skins- is it possible now that transmutation splitters are gone? (
- transmutation splitter
PvP build editor modifying PvE gear. (
- gear
Achievement point Chests (
- chest
How Long Do You Figure Until Ascended Gear Become Unlocks? (
- gear
I'm stuck on 390 jeweler (
- ruby crystal,colossus fang
Thousands of Bonus World Chests (
- chest

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