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Update ANET appears to have fixed TP reporting incorrect prices.


Superior Sigil of Rage 309%
Light Bag of Booty 40%
Chocolate Raspberry Cream 35%
Bowl of Roux 28%
Supply Sack 20%
Grilled Portobello Mushroom -31%
Claw -14%
Blueberry -14%
Shredded Rag -13%
Karka Shell -12%
Buy price. Last 12h. Demand > 1000. Supply > 200.


Spinel Nugget 27%
Vial of Powerful Blood 22%
Powerful Venom Sac 20%
Elaborate Totem 19%
Sage Leaf 14%
Spool of Gossamer Thread -13%
Lemongrass -9%
Salvageable Hide -8%
Snow Truffle -8%
Peach Tart -8%
Sell volume. Last 12h. Demand > 1000. Supply > 200.


96300 100
100 69818
$1 Official 55854
$1 3rd Party 99635

New Items

Enameled Anamnesis Dye
Enameled Longevity Dye
Enameled Solitude Dye
Enameled Sacrifice Dye
Enameled Generation Dye


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